ImproVing decision-mAking reLating to software- intensive prodUcts and sErvices development


Principal Investigator
Burak Turhan
Completed (As of June 2016, PI-ship has been transferred to Prof. Markku Oivo, due to organisational changes)
Project Website
Start date
01 January 2015
End Date
31 December 2017
Funding Organization
Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
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Funding Amount
Total Budget

Industry Partners

  • Bittium Oy
  • Ericsson
  • F-Secure
  • Invenco
  • Qentinel

Public Project Description

The software industry’s current decision-making relating to product/project management and development is largely done in a value neutral setting, in which cost is the primary driver for every decision taken. However, numerous studies have shown that the primary critical success factor that differentiates successful products/projects from failed ones lie in the value domain. Therefore, to remain competitive, innovative and to grow, companies must change from cost-based decision-making to value-based decision-making where the decisions taken are the best for that company’s overall value creation. This is a three-year research project with focus on the building of tangible models and a fully-fledged tool for value-based decision making under uncertainty within the context of software product/project management and development for the ICT and digital services.