CS1702: Introductory Programming (Java)

  • TypeUndergraduate Studies
  • Credits20
  • Quota300 Students
  • Schedule18.09.17 -23.03.17

This module is an essential foundation for many of the modules you will be pursuing in the subsequent years. The aim of the module is primarily to develop your problem-solving skills. Java programming is used as a vehicle to empower you with the means and techniques to develop software solutions. You will be taught good programming practice and some of the underlying principles shared by all programming languages and those particular to object oriented programming. Once you have mastered the process of writing computer programs in one language you will find learning how to write programs in other programming languages much easier.


Software Engineering Research

  • TypeAdvanced Studies
  • Credits5 ECTS
  • Quota60 Students
  • Schedule05.09.16 -15.12.16

After completing the course the student will know the current research areas in software engineering and the most important software engineering research methods. The student understands academic research and publishing in software engineering, and is able to critically analyse scientific articles from the viewpoint of the content and research methods used in the article. The student is able to present academic research and actively participate in an academic discussion of research papers and research results.


Software Quality and Testing

  • TypeIntermediate Studies
  • Credits5 ECTS
  • Quota60 Students
  • Schedule30.08.16 -21.10.16

After completing the course the student understands different views on software quality and the role of reviews, inspection and testing as a part of software engineering and defect removal techniques. The student can conduct the review as part of review team and use an appropriate supporting tool. The student knows testing levels, strategies and techniques, can create test cases and conduct unit testing with appropriate testing tools. The student knows the possibilities of test driven development, test automation and models for reviewing.