I am a full Professor (Software Engineering) at the University of Oulu. My research and teaching interests are focused on: empirical studies of software quality and programmer productivity, software analytics through the application of machine learning and data mining methods for defect and cost modeling, studying human factors in software engineering – particularly cognitive biases -, and mining software repositories for grounded decision making, as well as agile/ lean software development with a special focus on test-driven development.

To date, I have acquired a total of €2.3M external funding for my research projects that are funded by the Academy of Finland and Tekes. I have close collaborations with relevant industries in conducting my research. I have published 80+ articles in international journals and conferences, was awarded with best paper awards, authored one of the three most cited papers (since 2009) in the Empirical Software Engineering Journal, been invited for and organized panels and talks, and offered academic & industrial courses at all levels on my research topics.

I served in various positions for the community as: steering committee member, chair and technical program committee member for 30+ academic conferences; regular reviewer for 10+ scientific journals; external reviewer and expert for national research councils. I am an editorial board member for the Empirical Software Engineering Journal and e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal. Currently, I am also a steering group member for Promise, Tera-Promise and Raise and the PC co-chair for ESEM'17. I have recently co-authored a book titled “Sharing Data and Models in Software Engineering”. I am a member of ACM, ACM SIGSOFT, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.

Academic Positions

  • 2014-PresentFull Professor

    Faculty of Info. Tech. and Electrical Eng.
    University of Oulu, Finland

  • 2009-2014Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Dept. of Information Processing Science
    University of Oulu, Finland

  • 2009-2009Research Associate

    Institute for Information Technology
    National Research Council, Canada

  • 2002-2008Research and Teaching Assistant

    Department of Computer Engineering
    Bogazici University, Turkey

Selected Publications

Here is a list of my selected publications over the years published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering Journal, Information and Software Technology Journal and IEEE Software. For a full list of my publications with links to the papers, please follow the 'Read More' button below.

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D. Fucci, H. Erdogmus, B. Turhan, N. Juristo and M. Oivo, “A Dissection of Test-Driven Development: Does It Really Matter to Test-First or to Test-Last?”, (to appear in) IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2016.

D. Fucci, B. Turhan, N. Juristo, O. Dieste, A. T. Misirli and M. Oivo, “Towards an Operationalisation of Test-driven Development Skills: An Industrial Empirical Study”, Information and Software Technology Journal, Vol.68, pp.82-97, 2015.

T. Menzies, A. Butcher, D. Cok, L. Layman, A. Marcus, F. Shull, B. Turhan, T. Zimmermann, “Local vs. Global Lessons from Defect Prediction and Effort Estimation”, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol.39/6, pp.822-834, 2013.

B. Turhan, “On the Dataset Shift Problem in Software Engineering Prediction Models”, Empirical Software Engineering Journal, Vol.17/1-2, pp.62-74, 2012.

F. Shull, G. Melnik, B. Turhan, L. Layman, M. Diep and H. Erdogmus, “What Do We Know about Test-Driven Development?”, IEEE Software (Voice of Evidence), Vol.27/6, pp.16-19, 2010.

B. Turhan, T. Menzies,A. Bener and J. Distefano, “On the relative value of cross-company and within-company data for defect prediction”, Empirical Software Engineering Journal, Vol.14/5, pp.540-578, 2009.